hero our equipment

D.W. Cary Hauling, Inc. is a turn-key trucking company that can provide services from start to finish. With our high-quality equipment, we are able to provide loading, transporting and disposal of different materials based on the project needs.

Front-End Loader – Our front-end loader can excavate and load different materials such as sand, dirt, gravel, mulch and much more.

Backhoe – Our backhoe can be used for a wide variety of tasks during different projects. We can load building materials, dig holes, break asphalt and help remove unwanted materials.

Forklift – Our forklift can hoist different materials such as building material, pavement, pallets and much more.

Bulldozer – Our bulldozer can push large quantities of soil, sand, rip rap or other materials that may be apart of the project.